Mike Cordell, Secretary/Treasurer


  • Construction (1978-1992)
  • Secretary/Treasurer, Mid-America Golf and Landscape (1993-Present)

Professional Affiliations

  • GCBAA Certified Builder Member #172
  • Member, National Golf Foundation (NGF)
  • Member, Mid-West (Heartland) Golf Course Superintendent's Association
  • Corporate Member, National Golf Course Owner's Association (NGCOA)

In 1993, Mike was one of the three (3) founding partners for Mid-America Golf and Landscape. Mike has been involved in all functions of growing the business, with specific emphasis on estimating projects ranging from under $20,000 to projects exceeding $7,000,000. Outside of Mike’s accomplishments with Mid-America Golf and Landscape., he enjoys spending time with his two girls, studying martial arts and hunting. In addition to being involved with the estimating of projects, Mike also manages monthly budgets, accounts receivables and accounts payable and directs the companywide inventory accountability program. Mike has worked in all phases of golf construction and is responsible for purchasing materials, managing the cost reduction program, overseeing affairs related to bonding and insurance. He has also gained years of related work experience in employment law, business law, human resources as well as the process for licensing procedures for working in different states.

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